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What is the Safest Car for your Teen?

It is almost a right of passage as a new driver to inherit an older, small, hand me down vehicle as your first mode of transportation. A recent study from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety showed that smaller older vehicles are exactly what new inexperienced drivers should not be driving. In the study, over half the parents said their teens drive 2006 models or earlier. These older vehicles are often not equipped with important safety features such as electronic stability control and side-impact air bags.

How do you make sure that your teen has a safe vehicle without breaking the bank?

The IIHS has some recommendation on what to look for when shopping for a vehicle for your new driver. Stay away from high horsepower; look for larger, heavier vehicles, and electronic stability control.

Families visit Uftring Auto Group dealerships every day looking for a car for the new driver in the family. As part of our promise to provide exceptional customer service, we want to equip new drivers in Central Illinois with the safest cars available. Based on the list put together by the IIHS, below are a few of their top recommended cars that can be found at many Uftring Auto Group locations.


(NOTE: the list will be linked to our used car inventory)

Large Cars:

FordTaurus - 2009 and later

Midsize Cars:

Subaru Outback - 2010 and later

Subaru Legacy - 2009 and later

Dodge Avenger - 2011 and later

Chevrolet Malibu - 2010 and later

Chrysler 200 Sedan - 2011 and later

Ford Fusion - 2010 and later (built after April 2010)

Small/Midsize SUVs:

Subaru Forester - 2009 and later

Ford Edge - 2011 and later (after Feb. 2011)

Ford Flex - 2010 and later

Chevrolet Equinox - 2010 and later

Dodge Journey - 2010 and later

Subaru Tribeca/B9 Tribeca - 2006 and later

Chevrolet Traverse - 2011 and later

Ford Escape - 2009 and later

Nissan Rogue - 2008 and later



Chrysler Town & Country - 2012 and later

Dodge Grand Caravan - 2012 and later

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