Peoria Illinois Auto Body Repair Tips

Gary Uftring, President of the Uftring Auto Group in Peoria, East Peoria and Washington, Illinois shares information about what to do in case of an accident and what to look for when choosing a body shop in the Peoria, Illinois area.  The Uftring Auto Group operates three body shops: Uftring Chevy Body Shop in Washington, Illinois, Uftring Weston Body Shop in Peoria, Illinois and the Uftring Automall Body Shop in East Peoria, Illinois.

Body Shop Essentials: What you should know

  • Your body shop should provide free estimates and work with all major insurance companies.  It is also important to consider loaner car availability if your vehicle is going to be in for a while.
  • Body shops offer guarantees on the work they do. Make sure there is a guarantee on the body repairs done to your vehicle.
  • Ask if there is a warranty or guarantee on the paint work done on your vehicle.
  • Make sure you body shop has state of the art frame straightening equipment and a down draft paint booth. Down draft paint booths provide a much better finish.
  • Make sure your body shop has ASE Certified technicians.
  • Ask if the body shop uses environmentally friendly paints.
  • Not a bad idea to have a parts department on site so the two departments can work together.
  • Do not accept delivery without an itemized bill that includes codes designating what parts were used and what was actually done.
  • Get a written copy of their warranty, if applicable.
  • Always do a "walk around" the vehicle when the repairs are completed to make sure they were performed properly.
  • Stand back and make sure the paint matches. Make sure the panels are straight and smooth. Was all the trim removed prior to painting? Are there any dirt particles or swirl marks in the painted area? Is the texture even?
  • If there was major frame work done, take the vehicle for a test drive before paying the bill.

Uftring Chevrolet Body Shop
1860 Washington Road
Washington, Illinois
(877) 867-4177

Uftring Automall Body Shop
500 Fairlane Drive
East Peoria, Illinois
(877) 785-3581


Uftring Weston Chevrolet Body Shop
1600 W. War Memorial Dr.
Peoria, Illinois
(888) 430-4661