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Full Detail on Minivans                          $195.00
Full Detail on Full Size Vans                 $220.00
Full Detail on Small Trucks                   $170.00
Full Detail on Large Trucks                   $195.00
Full Detail on Small SUVs                     $170.00
Full Detail on Large SUVs                     $195.00
Full Detail on Small Passenger Cars     $145.00
Full Detail on Passenger Cars               $170.00

Full Detail Includes:
  • Hand Wash Exterior
  • Remove Road Tar
  • Clean and Dress Wheel Wells, Rims and Tires
  • Clean and Dress Engine
  • Wax and Polish Exterior
  • Vacuum Trunk and Interior
  • Shampoo Carpets and Seats
  • Clean and Dress Interior
  • Condition Leather (if applicable)
  • Clean and Polish All Glass

Special Offers:

  • Exterior Wash, Clay Bar Exterior to Remove Dirt, Airborn Debris, Environmental Buildup, Tar and Road Grime, Apply Paint Sealant - $95.00
  • Clean and Dress Interior, Shampoo Carpets, Clean Glass - $95.00

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